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Titel: Wüste 3
Fotograf: Basim Ghomorlou
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Beschreibung: SHADOWS OF SILENCE I depict the aesthetics of nature in black and white to deliver certain universal feelings. Feelings that a photograph in color washes out. Feelings that every human is able to translate from visual poetry to an introspective understanding of the world that surrounds us: roaring silence, violent calmness, wild meditation. What we see is raw, pure and sensual. It is filled with sadness, fright, and delight. Universal reflections that resonate with every human being on earth. Watching the silent shadows of the desert make you see yourself for what you are. To this day, it is 10 years that I regularly travel in the Iranian desert. It was an experienced nature adventurer who first suggested that I should go in the desert. Together with a friend, we set off, looking for a new nature experience. Back then, it was not photography that pulled me into this adventure but rather the desert itself: this spectacle of nature. Until this day, I gladly travel several thousand kilometers from Germany to stay in the Iranian desert for at least a couple of days.